Prof. Maija Aksela                                        University of Helsinki, Finland

Managing Editor
Dr. Johannes Pernaa                                  University of Helsinki, Finland

Assistant Editor
Julia Halonen                                               University of Helsinki, Finland


Advisory board

Prof.  Paul Andrews                                     Stockholm university, Sweden
Prof. Dr Nelio Bizzo                                     University of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil
Prof. Agustin Aduriz-Bravo                        University of Bueno Aires, Argentina
Dr. Valeria M. Cabello                                 University of Chile, Chile
Assoc. Prof. Feng-Kuang Chiang               Beijing Normal University, China
Assoc. Prof. Vesna Ferk Savec                   University of Ljubjana, Slovenia
Assoc. Prof. Erik Fooladi                             Volda University College, Norway
Prof. Niclas Gericke                                     Karlstad University, Sweden
Prof. Núria Gorgorió                                   Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain
Prof. Murat Gunel                                       TED University, Turkey
Prof. Brian Hand                                          University of Iowa, USA
Prof. Kirsti Hemmi                                       Åbo Akademi University, Finland
Prof. Elisabeth (Elbie) Henning                 University of Johannesburg, Africa
Dr. Pekka Hirvonen                                     University of Eastern Finland, Finland
Dr. Anu Laine                                                University of Helsinki, Finland
Prof.  Jari Lavonen                                       University of Helsinki, Finland
Assoc. Prof. Terry Lyons                             Queensland University of Technology, Australia
Assoc. Prof. Marina Milner-Bolotin          University of British Columbia, Canada
Prof. Juha Oikkonen                                    University of Helsinki, Finland
Dr. Rami Ratvio                                            University of Helsinki, Finland
Prof. Anna Uitto                                           University of Helsinki, Finland
Prof. Yu Shennquan                                     Beijing Normal University, China
Dr. Veli-Matti Vesterinen                            University of Turku, Finland
Assoc. Prof. Xioameng Wu                          Peking University, China


In LUMAT the Editor-in-Chief (EC) is in charge of selecting the Managing Editor (ME) and Advisory Board (AB). Together they formulate a strategy to develop the journal by decicing on the future focus of the journal, upcoming special issues and ways to market the journal. This is done in regular meetings held as frequently as needed, but no less than once a year.

The ME is primarily in charge of implementing the strategy of the journal. This includes overseing the review process of general issues, supporting the guest editors in the special issues and managing the journals online platform.