LUMAT Symposium

Call for presentations for the LUMAT 2020 symposium

LUMA Centre Finland kindly invites current and prospective researchers and teachers from all around the world to submit their abstracts for oral and poster presentations to the LUMAT 2020 symposium held in Otaniemi, Espoo, Finland at 3–5.6 at the Campus of Aalto University. The symposium is organized by LUMAT Science Research Forum by LUMA Centre Finland.

The symposium is part of national LUMA days where teachers and researchers meet and learn new ways to improve science, maths and technology education in all education levels. 

The theme of the symposium is Promoting STEAM in education, in which S stands for science, T for technology, E for engineering, A for all subjects in this case, and M for maths. To address the challenges of the 21st century skills, there is a need to educate citizens capable of STEAM, and teachers who can support students in their learning towards STEAM capable citizens. We need not only students who understand basic science and mathematics, but also understanding how things work, and this is where we need also technology and engineering education. To really address the 21st century challenges, interdisciplinary approaches are crucial, and therefore also also other subjects, such as art,  should be acknowledged and promoted. 

The LUMAT symposium is free of charge. However, we will not cover presenters` or participants` travel costs.

Proposal submissions

Submit a proposal for LUMAT 2020 Symposium via this form. Proposal submission opens on the 1st of February 2020. Abstract proposal should be max. 500 words, containing title, aim, research setting, main results and references.

The extended deadline for submitting the proposals is 8.3.2020.

Submit a proposal.

All presentations will be invited to send their paper to LUMAT: International journal on Math, Science, and Technology Education (  for a special number after the LUMA symposium. The papers should be based on the presentations.

The proposals are evaluated by the local scientific sub-committee. The submitters will receive information about their acceptance by 31.3.2020

The registration to the symposium starts in April 2020.

Guest editor: research coordinator, dr. Jaana Herranen (

Photo: Sakari Tolppanen